One of the services offered by Tig-Pol is professional welding of stainless steel and aluminum.

Our company has a qualified and experienced staff of welders with national qualifications. Our employees use top-class devices, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality and durability of welds.

Based on our technical facilities and extensive machinery park, we are able to construct any shape and format.

We realize to order, among others steel constructions, from cold rolled and hot rolled steel and profiles. We undertake the implementation of both welding services for small components as well as entire large-size constructions.

We specialize in welding aluminum and stainless steel, which we make using modern equipment. Aluminum, due to its specificity, requires the welder’s skills and attention. Our employees are able to make welds that are durable and free from defects in the form of pores or other impurities.

Each stage of the contract is constantly monitored by a quality specialist.